Recycling Styrofoam Packing Peanuts

I've been saving styrofoam packing peanuts for a few years now. I was tired of looking at the bags of the stuff in my truck, but couldn't bring myself to throw them away, knowing how bad stryofoam is for the environment. Since I don't send many packages that require packing, I wasn't sure what I'd do with them, until today.

EcoFindeRRR, a web tool created by SFEnvironment, a department of the City & County of San Francisco, allows you to search by zip code and find places to recycle everything from appliances to pesticides, and yes, styrofoam packing peanuts. I recycled mine at the Packaging Store.

If you don't live in San Francisco, you can recycle your styrofoam packing peanuts at one of over 1,500 Peanut Hotline collection sites in the US.


Unknown said...

Good idea! We all know that Styrofoam is full of air and difficult to transport. However, our company INTCO has several machines which can deal with the problem.The machine can compact or melt the Styrofoam into blocks or ingots. And then we can reuse the resources to do other products such as floor bricks. You can get more information from our website:

Degage Corp said...

I think using the recycled products will not harm the environment. Use the Cleanroom packaging plastics and bags for collecting all the products.

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