Recycle Old CDs and DVDs

I've been collecting old damaged CDs and CD-R coasters for years now, thinking that I might one day be inspired and motivated to build something with them.

Now I've learned that CDs and DVDs can be recycled, which is a good thing since they're made of chemicals and metals that have no business being in a landfill, e.g. "aluminum, gold, silver and nickel with petroleum-derived plastics, lacquers and dyes."

To learn how to recycle your CDs and DVDs, visit Earth 911. You might also consider using the GreenDisk Technotrash Can service. The company will handle up to 20 pounds for about $7.

I haven't given up on my CD project just yet, but its good to know that I'll have something to do with my box of CD-R coasters in case I do.

Driving and Eating

Over 40 percent of greenhouse gas emissions -- 43 percent to be exact -- come from two things that most Americans do on a daily basis: driving (25%) and eating meat (18%).

Think about this the next time you head towards the drive-thru: if "we all skipped meat one day a week, it would be like taking 8 million cars off the road."
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