Are light bulbs a big deal?

I just changed one of the 65 watts 130 volts flood light bulbs in our living room. We have 21 of these bulbs in our modest 2 bedroom condo in San Francisco, and not a month goes by when I don't change at least one of them.

Since I'm re-examining the way I live and consume each and every day, and taking steps to improve my behavior, today I asked myself:

"Are light bulbs a big deal?"

I'm not interested in doing the precise CO2 emissions savings calculations for fluorescent versus incandescent, but my guess is that making the switch in our home would save about 200 lbs of CO2 for each bulb annually, for a whopping 4,200 lbs of CO2 saved each year.

By comparison, my vehicle emits about 1,200 lbs of CO2 per year, or between a fourth and a third of what I would save by switching bulbs.

I'd call that a small deal that makes a big difference. Now I need to find some fluorescent flood light bulbs.

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Doug said...

A big difference indeed. For earth day this year the dining hall at Centre sponsored an event for students to trade in their incandescent bulbs for flourescent bulbs, to raise awareness of CO2 emissions. While it comes rather late in the year (we only have three weeks of school left) hopefully more students will bring flourescent bulbs next year and use them all year long.

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