Cheat Neutral

Spoof of the day: Cheat Neutral

When the idea of carbon neutrality came into being, I thought it was such a great idea, but like fat free ice cream and lapdances, is it cheating no matter how one justifies it?

On a personal level with environmentalism I've seen the greenwashing and its cousin, the "pay as you cheat" concept, come into prominence. As a conscious society we hope hope to do just that - be conscious The idea of carbon offsets seem so......American don't they? Don't get me wrong, it's much better to recognize it and take action than to do neither, but it does allow the rich to feel good about themselves without actually reducing their personal emissions, which is what we ultimately need for the survival of our planet as we've known it.

We come up with some pretty half-baked idea at times, and the future might show that carbon offsets are as ill-advised as cheat offsets.

As the founders of Cheat Neutral say at the end of the video: "We need to start cherishing our planet, not cheating on it.”

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